Best Way to Remove Rub Marks Off Bodywork?

As a consequence of running TaG 100cc, I’m having to remove some heavy “rub” marks off my bodywork after each race. I tried the WD-40 and steel wool, scraping with a razor etc but too tedious and time consuming and really didn’t turn out well.

Since I’m retired, I have some time to experiment. What I found worked the best was steel wool sprayed with non-chlorinated parts cleaner (MOC Parts Wash). It seems that the Parts Wash softened the rubber and I was able to get almost all of it off. As a disclaimer, I’ve only tried it on my body work decal which looks like shiny aluminum, so if you try it, please try it on a small area first and have it well ventilated and use gloves. Please try at your risk.

Are there better ways to remove rub marks?

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I’ve found acetone works well.

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Carb cleaner does a treat, but it will eventually make the decals brittle.

Simple green first. Then brake clean on a clean cloth just hitting the rubber. Work it down slowly and most of it usually comes off

I wipe my kart and frame down with a mineral spirits on a disposable towel, It takes off grease really well and to some extent it will remove tire marks. The product Goof Off works well especially when used with a magic eraser sponge. Make sure you are well ventilated though.

Regardless of what you use I suggest wearing a rubber/latex/vinyl glove when using the above mentioned chemicals.


Spray Bowden’s Own Rubber Off directly on to the marks immediately after the race.

Doesn’t remove it there and then, but made it immensely easier to remove later on back in the garage with only a plastic scraper.

I tried this recently and am yet to repeat, so I’d stop short of saying this method is ‘tried and true’.

you mean that it didn’t work as advertised?

I use brake cleaner for general cleaning - removing grease etc easy stuff.

Next comes ksylene - a lot more effective removing over spray, tape residue, rubber marks etc, doesnt evaporate as quickly as brakecleaner so small amount in a rag lasts a while, doesnt effect epoxy paints or powdercoat. My number one choice for anything stubborn

Last resort styrene - nasty stuff, ruins paint easily, smells terrible, removes / melts everything - including many plastics. Dont clean your powertools with the stuff…

Immediately after using any of these - I throw the rag to the outside bin - away from the indoors. The fumes will do damage to health in the long run

Just wanted to throw this out, there are number of chassis that do not like to be cleaned with brake cleaner. For the removing grease from the chassis I use either mineral spirits or Goo Gone. If it just general dirt then its 409.

This is almost a duplicate to Robert’s response.