Best way to store a 2 stroke for a couple of years?

I’ve got three older Komets that I don’t plan to run at this time, what is a good way to store them so that they will be runnable when put back into service. They are all fresh rebuilds at this time.

Lease them out and rebuild them when they get back to you. Best way to avoid having the seals dry out and the bearings rust. I tried storing an ICA for a couple of years, then sold it, and the buyer got a nasty surprise when he looked inside - totally ruined.

It would be possible but you’d have to drench the internals with inhibiting preservation fluid - the kind that goes into aircraft engine fuel systems when they’re in storage. I can get you the name of some products to look for if you wish.

yeah, do you know of some names of the preserve oil for long term storage, wondering, once you apply it, can you just “gas & go” with it, or isthere some kind of cleaning operation that is needed.

That would be much appreciated.

I’ll have a look for you today, I’d also seal it inside a good quality freezer bag with a couple bags of dessicant and an indicator. Check the indicator isn’t pink periodically if it is change the dessicant (you can dry them out in the oven).

I’m curious what the issue is with long-term storage. Is it the moisture in the air causing oxidation or is it residue from fuel and oils causing problems? I have a new unused motor that Is kept in a climate-controlled basement, should I be concerned?

Fog with WD and throw some Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder.

Drain fuel and clean out carbs.

Spritz some WD on the exhaust.

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Just had this thought, if you could fit it in a vacuum bag and put it under vacuum theoretically that would take most of the oxygen out and vastly reduce the possibility of oxidation. :thinking: Would be really easy for exhausts just because they’re smaller.

So airplane engines are inhibited with MIL-PRF-6081 spec such as Royco481 or Aeroshell2, it’s basically a preserving oil with anti oxidant additives. Ought to work perfectly fine if you could get a hold of some and soak the internals with it. Cap off any openings then put the whole thing inside a good zip lock freezer bag with a large sachet (like 1kg) of silica dessicant. I’d say you could keep it like that for years.


Never tried it for kart engines, but STA-BIL fogging oil is a commonly used product on marine products.