Best x30 battery

Hello guys. I have been let down be normal (lead acid battery) sometimes they have no power ( after charging and starting engine on cold morning)
They dont keep a even current (when starting V goes down and sometime is not enough for the spark to start the engine.
What are you guys suggestions?
Lipo? Life? Gel?

The one i use now

I’ve always used Lipo. If your rules allow it upgrade to the 9AH battery. The 7 has to be fully charged all the time to work properly and IMHO it doesn’t have enough juice to last.

Is lipo 14.8v 5000mah to much? I have my mychron connected to battery to…

I’d say the starter would be OK as long as you don’t lay on it for too long. Not sure about the mychron though… I can’t find the voltage specs to see if there’s a tolerance.

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When charging your batteries, what is the charger pushing for amps?

Ohh that i dont know… i use Ctec charger at the motorcyckle mode

Not sure whats the “best”?

but I went with this one, pretty good so far . . . seems to be the most popular at my local track, so I followed suit.

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The large cables from the charger triggered me. If it’s a smaller type motorcycle battery charger/tender, you should be good. .7~1 amps is okay, these batteries like it low and slow when charging. Charging at a high amperage setting can build heat and potentially cause damage to a battery, even when new.

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Its set to charge a 12v from 4 to 12 ah

So the charging amperage range should be around .4 ~ 1.2 amps. Your good.

I use the same battery.

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