Better to hammer rev limiter or try to stay just under?

LO206, long straight, geared to hold the gas at the limit for almost 3 seconds. If I hold the gas down, according to the mychron, the RPM bounces between 3000-6100. Is it better to back off a bit and try to manually hold just before the limiter kicks in? Or just stay at full throttle?

Just lay on that bad boy. Its not actually going to 3k. Mychron resolution just cant detect the cut properly.

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If anything try dropping a couple of teeth on your sprocket to see what it does to your laptimes. As Lindsay said it wont hurt anything. My boy used to spend a lot of time on the limiter when he was small. I didn’t want to change his gearing and give anymore speed. Before he started racing of course. Now I would sell my soul if it would shave 2 tenths of second off his laptime…

There’s some tracks/layouts where you’ll spend a lot of time hitting the limiter. Base it on the stop watch first, and then when you get experience, you can gear for runs and pulls.

I know what track he is talking about. You lay on it for a while. Gearing for the straight typically does not work as the rest of the track is pretty technical and tight.

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Yeah, I might be 1-tooth off on sprocket, but everybody hits the limiter on the back straight. Thanks for the pointers, laying on that bad boy it is ;-).

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I’m not sure if it’s real or not, but I swear it feels like my kart surges forward immediately when I lift throttle, as it comes off the limiter.

It would make scense. When the limiter engages it cuts the ignition so every time it cuts spark your engine is not producing power for that cycle. At the end of the day the stop watch will tell the truth.