Big News for Karting - Tillotson LTD has Acquired PVL

This is pretty significant for karting.

As some may be aware, PVL make many of the ignition systems we use in karting. Briggs 206 being probably the largest example in the US. PVL recently filed for bankruptcy, which is one of the reasons 206 production has slowed down of late.

Today Tilllotson announced they have purchased PVL and intend to support the 206 program as part of that acquisition.

Release below…

Source: Mark from EC Tillotson, a Tillotson dealer

We’re very excited to announce that Tillotson LTD has acquired PVL Probosch-Vogt-Loos Electronic and Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co KG.

For Racers, PVL is known as the manufacturer of the digital ignition systems used on today’s 2-Cycle Kart Engines as well as 4-Cycle TAG engines including Tillotson’s 225RS and the Briggs & Stratton LO206.

Their products have been a huge part of not only the OEM markets but for our aftermarket modified engines.

Tillotson’s acquisition means that PVL will maintain an active role in kart racing and future small engine performance markets.

That said we also want to prevent any rumors that may come from Tillotson’s purchase of PVL.

This will not interfere with the Briggs LO206 program, if anything, Tillotson has a vested interest in their success as a customer. The LO206 program has played a crucial role in keeping 4-cycle in sprint racing and growing karting as a sport. We hope this will make their program even better with both companies having similar markets and goals.

Tillotson has reaffirmed their commitment to racers and manufacturers to grow the sport of karting.


Official press release from Tillotson LTD:

Tillotson Limited (“Tillotson”), a leader in carburetor and small engine technology for the lawn and garden, karting and recreational motorsports industries, is pleased to announce that it has acquired all of the assets of PVL Probosch-Vogt-Loos Electronic and Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co KG (“PVL”), a leader in ignition systems, stators, rotors and flywheels. The acquisition will be conducted through a newly formed subsidiary called PVL GmbH and will continue operating in its current facility in Cadolzburg, Germany.

Tillotson and its affiliate T/CCI Manufacturing Group, LLC, which manufactures air conditioning compressors and air brakes for the commercial vehicle and transport refrigeration markets, operate on a global basis with facilities in the US, Europe, Asia and South America.

“We are extremely excited about this acquisition,” commented Charles A. Demirjian, President of Tillotson. “We are a customer of PVL and believe their products are the best in world. They operate in the same markets we do, and we have many common customers. We believe the acquisition will provide all our customers with access to the best products in our categories and an expanded global support network to help them grow and thrive.”

Andreas Probosch, who has guided PVL through its insolvency proceedings, will remain as Managing Director, and the new entity will continue operating with all of its former employees. “At PVL, we have a team that has fought with tremendous passion and energy to improve our business over the past few months, and we are very excited that our efforts have now been crowned with success,“ Mr. Probosch noted, “with the backing of Tillotson and its affiliates, we can bring our innovative systems to an international market on an accelerated basis. We are grateful to all our customers and suppliers who have supported us throughout our reorganization process and look forward to working with them as we enter this next chapter in our story.”

About Tillotson:
Tillotson, headquartered in Tralee, Ireland, provides small engines and fuel systems for professional and consumer lawn & garden equipment such as chainsaws, trimmers, blowers and concrete saws, and for the professional and hobby karting and recreational motorsports markets. Since 1914, Tillotson has been creating innovative products that helped create and expand the racing, handheld and recreational motorsport markets. Tillotson’s carburetors are homologated for international karting competition and have helped pilots win European and World Championships for over 40 years. Tillotson’s TCT fuel system, developed in partnerships with Fjölblendir ehf, helps engine manufacturers lower exhaust emissions while at the same time increasing engine performance and improving fuel economy. The Tillotson T4 Series is an affordable high-performance kart racing series that allows motorsport enthusiasts to compete at races around the world, culminating with the best pilots from around the world meeting at the T4 World Cup, scheduled this year at Whiteriver Park September 17-19.
For more information, visit

About PVL:
PVL, headquartered in Cadolzburg, Germany, has been designing and manufacturing innovative analogue and digital ignition systems and other components for the small engine market for more than 50 years. PVL’s high-performance electronic ignition systems spark a wide range of industries (race, recreational sports, aviation, construction, forestry and garden) and are found everywhere where ignitions have to function reliably in the most adverse environmental conditions – in lawnmowers, outboard engines, jet skis, motorcycles and karts. PVL’s ignition modules are homologated for international karting competition and have carried drivers to numerous European and World Championships for over 25 years.
For more information, visit

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Anybody that’s anybody in Europe knows this is fake news because Tillotson is actually owned by IAME and they have no interest in the 206

Too soon???

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They do use PVL on their KZ and OK engines though :joy:

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Aren’t those required to use a PVL ignition in the rulebook?

Andy, that would make for a big ol’ karting conglomerate: IAME - Tillotson - PVL - Kart Republic - Wladoil.


I just went back and read that thread again, what a ride!! I feel like I just got off the roller coaster at dream world.

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Did the assumption there just get made because KR runs IAME engines on the factory team? (Not you, I remember the thread you’re referring to). Because KR does run IAME engines, IAME recommends Wladoil, uses Tillotson carbs, and evidently uses PVL on some of their engine packages. If that’s where we’re getting the idea from, then IAME and/or KR also own LeCont tires since that’s what they just ran at the WSK race.

Obviously, these companies most likely just have a partnership with each other for competing on the world stage, but if that were the case, DR would own NEK and Modena engines as well, among many other different companies tied into each other.

Back on topic, it’s cool to see Tillotson still supporting Briggs 206 racing. The engine packages might be similar, but I get the idea that they’re really for 2 different markets. The 206 being more of a grassroots focused engine, while the Tillotson is a step up from that to provide more power and a faster engine to people with higher levels of experience while still maintaining a fair cost effectiveness.

Actually, KR is indeed owned by IAME. But it’s a much lesser known ownership lineage than most.

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Really? I never actually saw anything proving it, I was under the impression Dino owned the brand himself. It certainly is lesser known, does IAME fully own KR?

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No, not fake news and Tillotson is not owned by Iame.

Charles Demirjian
Owner, Director, President


You may have missed the context of my post, it was not meant to be serious it was a joke aimed at a post from not long ago on this board. Apologies if you thought I was serious.

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The original thread that inspired the joke . . .