Biggest bang-for-your-buck ever?

Since the Euro has tanked against the dollar, there are now some ridiculous bargains.

Have you ever been able to go faster for five grand with a brand new vehicle than if you powered this chassis:

TopKart Chassis

with this engine:

Vortex DVS 125 engine


Elsewhere on the site, TopKart is promoting a chassis for 1100E ($1100) that’s missing some stuff - probably the cheapest source of new spare parts for karts ever.

I imagine shipping and tax would sting a bit though?

200 Euro on the shipping for the chassis and engine together.

Import tax will get you, but it shouldn’t be too high.

3.4% import duty on kart parts, plus your local sales tax, 6% for me in California, so with shipping it’ll just break over five grand, six if you get the second kart as a “giant box of spares plus a frame to give away to a heartbroken newbie who just totalled a kart and thinks they’re done racing”


Hanging out at KP with people like @Charles_Kaneb just makes me feel good about people! :+1:

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Use a different HST code.
Golf carts and similar motor vehicles (HTS 87031050) = 2.5%

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If you add the missing items (seat, chainguard, sprocket carrier, and engine mount) to the TopKart promo chassis, and get TopKart items, it comes to under 1300 euro.

Charles, I noticed that you raced in the May Tri-C race. I was there racing in 100cc TaG Grand Masters. I didn’t know you were there. Next time we should meet up.


Not mine, but the dude who bought my last gokart in 2010.

FAKart 2010 with a Vortex KF2 engine, data logger, 1 set of slicks, 1 set of wet, Magnesium rims.

2400 euros.


Yeah. I tried to introduce myself in the scale line, but most of the day I was so busy trying to get my CRG to not attempt to flip over in every corner that I didn’t have time to hang around.

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CalSpeed can have a lot grip


I bought this one for my daughter (have 2x Top-kart dreamer for the races)

Chassis New Top-Kart NewB OK OKJ KF - PROMO 2022
Codice: 1000-997-PROMO
Chassis complete new Top-Kart NewB

In Stock! Fast Shipping!
€ 1.399,99

Best deal ever!!!

Let me know what you think of it when it gets to you! Post pictures as you take it out of the box and when it’s together, then a review of how a kart that costs a third what a Tony does drives.

It’s a birthday present so the “unboxing” will have to wait until August… The only difference with the regular Top-Kart chassis is the use of aluminium instead of magnesium for the hubs.
There is no VEN-11 brake system but that’s ok because the Top-Kart brakes ar great (with the softer orange brake pads)

Pedals are steel instead of aluminium, but the chassis is the same, only without CIK FIA approval, but for club competition that doesn’t have to be a problem