Bill Snyder's Triple KT100 Kart for UAS

Spotted on Facebook and too awesome to not save here…


A wide boy! That’s nuts. Love it.

Very cool! I dont think I have ever seen 3!?!?!

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I had a hard enough time keeping 1 KT100 running, I can’t imagine 3 at the same time…Thats nuts!


Talk about being in the hot seat…

So 4 was too many? :rofl:

If you close you can see the long jackshaft that runs to the left engine. I’m guessing there has to be some sort of flex coupler in there to help with minor misalignment. All three engines on one jackshaft and running double row #35 chain back to an axle clutch. Pretty cool setup, that’s what’s cool about UAS racing. Theoretically you could swap these out for another 100cc piston port engine with a little more power, but I’ve seen some pretty mean kt100s also.