Birel AM-29 Caster Setup

I’m looking for some help with my 2018 Birel AM-29. I’m wanting to increase caster, but am unsure how this is accomplished. My kart has the adjustable eccentrics on top only, so I’m unsure if I can add caster while maintaining my camber setting by rotating the eccentric - can anyone advise?

Tilting the top of the kingpin backwards increases caster. If you have an eccentric on top and a neutral on bottom, you already have half caster in or out depending on how the top pill is set.

Do you have a photo of the current setup so we can advise what it’s set at already?

If you have caster out already, you can rotate the top pill 180 degrees to go to half caster in. If the top pill is already set so there is caster in, your only option for more is to get another eccentric for the bottom.

They only come with eccentric on the top with a center in the bottom. You can put a eccentric in the bottom. They have a couple different degrees that you can get.

Here’s a photo from last time we set camber.

So I’d just need to buy an eccentric for the bottom with the amount of camber I need?

Ye, just another eccentric on the bottom.

We’ve never had a need to do that on any of ours in any circumstance aside from rain, tho.

Is the top one a 0,5 or 1,5 ecentric?
If its a 0.5 you Can just change it out with a 1.5,

Birel/freeline have those two options availible, i think compkart have a few other options then that.

I’m not sure, are they marked somewhere? I don’t see anything indicating what degree of caster they are.

They are not marked, but you Can see the difference, will take some pictures later

theres a really tiny dot right on the edge closest to the kingpin on the birels

So the dot denotes the pill size, for caster?

There’s a .5 and a 1.5 degree eccentric available. They’re very distinct from each other visually.


Looks like I have the 0.5, which is probably the original to the kart. Thanks for all the help, folks!!