Birel Art For Briggs Masters

Does anybody have any experience with the Birel Art/ Ricciardo kart for Briggs & Stratton masters class? They seem to be a pretty popular kart all across the Briggs board… But I’m curious to get some info from anyone that races one in Masters or senior. Thanks

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I run a Ricciardo DRAM29 in 206 Sr. Solid kart so far. This is my first 206 kart so I do not have much of a benchmark for comparison sake. Although, I have placed on the podium a few times with this kart. The track I race at runs MGIR tires which are super hard. Only major change I have had to make is cutting about a half inch on each side of the rear axle to help improve rear grip.

One of the cons would be the lack of camber/caster adjust-ability. Although, one of the pros of the AM29 is the fact that it is 4 cycle specific and built to run in the Briggs class.

All in all I am happy with the kart and have yet to say darn I wish I bought something else that is clearly quicker. If you think you are getting a fair deal on the kart go for it.

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Thanks Kyle… Curious to know whether you change the wheelbase much depending on the track? Also, I’m assuming shortening the axle would prevent the rear from some sliding? Do you have an opinion on the 40mm vs. 50mm axle?