Birel cadet kart bearing replacement also slightly bent axle

Make and model of chassis
I need help with
Cant get axle off bearings
What I’ve tried so far
Hitting axle but now flush with bearing. Also drivers side end of axle has a slight bend for sure visiable when wheels on.

Here is a link about axle removal,

What you probably need is a tool similar to this, an axle removal tool,

If you haven’t a similar tool and are not going to reused the axle, here’s a trick. Cut a section off the end of the axle you are removing that is longer than the width of the bearing.

Use the cut piece and your mallet to bang the axle through the bearing. Hopefully you are trying to push the axle to the right, avoiding pushing the bent portion of the axle through the bearing.

No tool going right away from bend. Prolly not going to reuse cutting great idea thanks