Birel / Freeline 1999 Spindle replacement?

I have a 1998 Birel CR832 that I’ve sold the front brake assembly, including spindles. I don’t know offhand what the built-in KPI is, but the main question is: how easy will it be to source non-shifter spindles to use on this chassis?

Any suggesting on finding affordable NOS spindles or decent used ones? Are 90’s era spindles interchangeable with other brands? Thoughts?


If you don’t get the correct degree spindle you will never be able to get the caster/camber right. Most spindles are 8 to 12 degree I think.

I have some NOS 10 degree spindles that are for a Mid 90’s Invader. I did mount them up, but found out I needed 8 degree spindles. Or maybe they were 12 degree and I needed 10. I also tried some 8 degree spindles from my Bandit kart that are more like dirt style ones, but the body of the spindle was too tall and didn’t allow for much ride height adjustment.

So you might find it hard to find something that is plug and play. Something other than Birel spindles might fit, but it will be trial and error.

BMI has a spindle kit you can weld up yourself.

I have a 99-2000 Invader .026 chassis. I don’t need replacements, but… I f your looking to find them a new home.
PM me some photos

I have some free Margay 10* on the way. We’ll see how they do.

How did they end up working out? I have a chassis from probably around the same time period and I’m looking for spindles.

Margay spindles did fine.