Birel Front Nose w/double pillar bumper

Can someone help me find a front nose for a Birel kart with a double pillar front bumper?

Claude- I want to clarify before guiding you further - are you saying there are two metal pillars between the top and lower front nerf bars?

If so, you likely need a Freeline front bumper like this:

This design is an interesting one, as the primary method of clamping IIRC is by bolting those two vertical bars down into the lower nerf bar, which clamps down on the plastic nose. Karts have since gone away from this design - perhaps someone else here can comment on why I assume for impact reasons or another safety thought.

Hope this is helpful!

That’s exactly what I’m referring to. Only a Birel nose will fit this style front bumper. Do you have a photo showing how they are clamped together?

Are the current Birel front noses still using this system? Do you have a 2nd hand one you can sell me?


@xavinoo sorry for delayed response!

The current Birel does not utilize this system- I think they moved away from Freeline several years ago and now utilize KG components, I want to say 2012(?) ish is when I noticed this change.

For your kart, to clarify I believe only a *Freeline nose will fit your front bumper, what I mean to say is that Freeline is a Birel (or was) company, they didn’t just make parts for Birel. At one time several manufacturers used this nose configuration including CRG and derivatives of, as well as derivatives of Birel (Monza kart, etc).

I unfortunately do not have any Freeline front noses hanging around otherwise certainly would sell. This is the kinda item that is definitely out there at kart shops gathering dust…

I did some googling but didn’t find a behind the bumper shot of how it all fits together but I could try a (admittedly poor) attempt at drawing it myself if you’d like to see how it all fits together? Just make sure to tag me in the reply so I see it lol.

My best advice for finding a nose is EBay honestly. Search for “Freeline front nose” or derivatives of. I tried to find one for an old crg I had a while ago and found several at reasonable prices. They are out there!

Another option honestly would be to just change the top nerf bar and go with one that doesn’t have the down tubes, and update the bodywork. If you want to go that route, albeit more pricey, let me know and we can chat about best options to make sure things fit.

@xavinoo you know who I would call first is Rysa Racing in Florida.

Looking at their website it looks like they’ve been mostly Birel loyal for years and I get the vibe if I walked into that shop there’d be some majorly cool old school stuff hanging around.