Birel Monza and Willwood Rear Brake Setup

2010 Birel Monza 30mm
Brake Master Cylinder and Caliper Mounting

I just purchased a 2010 Birel Monza from for $250 on ebay. Alas my kart project has started! I am piecing together and am attempting to find a solution for the brakes that won’t break the bank. I’m looking for a single rear brake setup. (Unless you convince me otherwise) I will be strapping a 100c IAME engine to the chassis.

I recently came across a Willwood Brake and Caliper setup for $200. I wanted to know if anyone has had success with Wilwood and whether or no there were any mounting issues with Birel frames using the Wilwood MC/Caliper setup. Any advice on similarly cheap options would be welcome. Has anyone tried the Chinese Ebay branded kart brake setups that they sell on ebay? Are they good/safe can they be adapted for use? Are there any other brands that I should consider?

Thanks Guys

I’d love to hear as well. I’ve always had great experience with Willwood calipers and Hawk pads on cars, but I have no experience with them on karts. I’m trying to piece together a front brake setup and can’t believe the insane prices people charge for very simple parts.

I have a 2008 Birel and 2014 Ricciardo AM29s. I hated the factory Freeline brakes, so I bolted MCP brakes on both karts. You have to make your own rear caliper bracket, but the master cylinder bolted right on. When my boys raced Margays in their Junior Sportsman days, those karts had MCP brakes and I loved them. You can get a new MCP setup online for around $250. I have no experience with Willwood brakes, but you’d probably have the same experience: you’ll need to make a caliper bracket, but the master cylinder will bolt up. If you’re swapping brakes, you want the whole system to match for best results: master cylinder, caliper, rotor, and rotor hub. I wouldn’t try to use a Willwood (or any other) caliper with the Freeline rotor.

…also if you’re going to run a 100cc IAME you’re fine without front brakes. I’m too lazy to look it up right now, but I don’t think they’re even legal in most Sprint classes. Those are generally for the Shifter and laydown Enduro folks who get up over 100+ MPH on big tracks.

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Thanks Chris. Do you have a picture of what your MCP adaptive caliper bracket looks like?