Birel ry30-s5? Re powder or paint?

I have been doing a gokart build which is I believe a 2019 birel ry30-s5 due to design and fairings… I’d love to have a better bodywork but whatever. So paint on birel was red and frame is good shape just not sure if 300$ us worth putting into a frame along with bearing carriers,wheel hubs, stabilizer bad clamps …teal hd prismatic frame and fire orange on small parts like rear bearing carriers for axle .?? It definitely needs to have a new color but I’m budget thinking.

Looks like a 2007-2012 Birel to me, powder coat will last better but obviously more expensive

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I assume the chassis tag is missing from the bar behind the seat?

I have a S5 that I believe is a 2013, the main difference I see is the floor pan. The 2013 had a sticker covering the bare aluminum floor pan. Since yours is blue I believe it is between 2009 and 2012. Also the side pods on the S5 are similar to the ones currently used by Birel.

With good prep a rattle can paint job will look good. The factory didn’t powder coat so why bother with the expense. Also, I have used spray on truck bed liner on the floor pan with good results too.

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My .02 cents, if your going to take the time and effort that you did to strip that thing, I’d powder coat it so I don’t have to do it again when a rattle can paint job fails. Rattle can is not the strongest paint, so its not meant to last that long.

But if your dead set on painting it, go get a cheap HF paint gun and use an automotive paint that contains a hardener, and then clear over it.


Thank you guys for all the help with I’.d with kart. I’m wanting to update as I go any recommendations for old kart ? Waste of money?

I think the answer depends on how long you have been karting and what your expectations are.

If you are relatively new and more than a few seconds off the leaders pace, a new or newer kart isn’t going to change or help that, that much. However, if you are a seasoned veteran looking for the last few tenths a new kart may be worth while. That being said, I have seen guys in older equipment still be fast, so its not everything.

The reality is the life a kart chassis is a rough one. They are basic a spring and over time every spring wears out and becomes less springy. More HP or a rough track will only accelerate the rate of decline.

Is it a waste of money? I assume you mean to make it look nice? There is a saying, “If it doesn’t go fast, Chrome it” Not sure that fully applies here, but about the only thing paint does is keep your metal from rusting when it gets wet. $300 for powder coat vs $30 for spray cans…I would go with the spray cans, and touch up as needed.

I rattlecanned a Birel RY30S5 and it turned out terribly. I think paint’s good, just not RustOleum. I’d get passenger car paint - you’ll only need a quart, and the store might have something left over from another job.

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Y’all need to find a new powder coater. I pay $150 for prep and powder.

Who are you using? I found a guy in Daytona who wants $400. I’ve seen his work and its really nice, but $400 is steep IMHO.

We got a local shop up here in Indiana that does great work at a great price.

We have a Birel about that vintage and my driver loves it. Very free rolling off the corners, easy to set up. Spray paint will work if you’re patient enough but nothing looks as good as fresh powder coat. The good place here wants about $275 for sandblast and paint.