Birel RY30 S6 Base setup

Hi guys,

I have searched the internet and could not find the base setup for the RY30 S6 chassis. I did find the S5 setup sheet.

Does anyone have this and is willing to share?


Stephen, that’s an interesting question. I aquired a very lightly used RY30 S6 in the fall and plan to race it this year. I didn’t have much luck finding that info either. I tried contacting Birel and PSL in Canada and never got a response. My plan was to use current setup recommendations and work from there. There doesn’t appear to be significate changes in the frame design or the design of adjustable points. However, I would be curious if there are model specific setups too.

Hi Robert,

I do have the S5 baseline setup. I think that would be the best to base yours on.

See this link:


Its curious to me that Birel ART doesn’t list set ups for old model designations. I happened to download the PDF for the s11 series and I went back to the website today and that is all gone, only the new s12 information is listed. Here is the s11 setup sheet.

BirelART_Chassis_Setup_4.pdf (237.9 KB)

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Just confirmed with a BirelART dealer in Europe that you can use the S12 setup sheet also.

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