BIrel Spindle Stems

I am going to be running a Birel with 25mm front axles, for the first time next season and see they offer a variety of stems in different flexes / stiffnesses. I am wondering if anyone has first hand experience or recommendations. With not much length it would seem to me to make a subtle difference at best and at almost a $100 a pair would rather not spend the money if there isn’t much to be gained. Thougts?

I have not changed the front axle “Stem” on my Birel.
I do know others that have and they felt that they were not a great tuning tool for the cost.

However I guess when you are at the pointy end of the field they may find the .01 that you are looking for. I have always thought that they were a good idea that you could change one if it got bent rather than replacing the whole thing.
$100 is not a huge cost for something that may just end up a spare. IMO

Good point Bill, however in my experience the stem part doesn’t usually bend its the arm the tie rod mounts to that takes the brunt of the force. It would be nice if they would sell everything but the stem in that case. Thanks for your input.

It’s definitely more of a fine tuning adjustment, but it’s something that’s used pretty regularly at the National level. I always start with the stock stubs, and go to the Pink stubs if I’m looking for more front end response during the first phase of the corner, especially in high-speed corners.

If you’re not at the point we’re you’re trying to find the last tenth, then it probably doesn’t make sense for you to purchase others in the range.

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