Birel Steering Column/Bearing Circlip

image Where the steering column sits on the bearing a retaining ring needs to be applied. Does it go above or below the bearing. From above there is a groove where the bearing sits is the retaining ring to be placed there? Since I disassemble everything a year ago I completely forgot where this retaining ring goes!

Any tips or getting this done efficiently I hate installing retaining rings!

Once this is sorted I can get my floor pan installed and move along with my project!

As always thank you for your responses

Slid the bearing up into the pocket and install the retainer clip below it. After installing the nylock nut on the bottom of the steering shaft, install the safety clip.

X Claude, I have a Birel R30CY chassis. The uniball bearing fits into the receiver, then the circlip goes above the bearing to hold it in place. There is a small O ring fitted on my steering shaft. Then the shaft goes through the hole in the uniball bearing. A flat washer goes on the shaft under the uniball bearing, then a lock nut holds the shaft in place.
You can look at the diagrams on the Comet Kart Sales website. Find Birel Kart parts, then steering shafts. Funny thing is, it doesn’t show the circlip. If you use circlip pliers, it makes it a lot easier.
Hope that helps.

The snap ring/retaining ring goes above the uniball bearing. There is a grove there for it.

Thanks for the reply. I figured the snap ring went above and not below given that if the bearing was placed below it would just fall out! Whereas from above its retained in the groove!
Check out the Birel parts catalogue. Might help in future