BirelArt Cadet Axle

We just bought a new C28-S12 cadet and am in process of putting it together with an LO206. I went to mount the motor and figured out I had to move the sprocket between the bearings to align properly, problem is there is no keying where I need to mount it. Did I get the wrong axle with my kart? Does birel make an axle with the right keying on a 30mm axle for 4 stroke? Any help appreciated.

Not sure about the Birel but i have had to grind the axle flat and drill holes for the key on other brands. Kart was made for 2 stroke with sproket mounted outboard.

i think it would work with a rental kart 4 stroke axel if you just drill holes or as brian said.

Thanks, that’s just what I did, works like a charm