BirelArt Pedals .................... HELP?

Hello All
I am looking to purchase throttle and brake pedals for my Birelart I am looking for CNC style, I can’t seem to find a set that will fit my chasis?

If you are looking for the HiTech pedals made by Birel your best best is from PSL. They have had everything Birel on sale in the month of July, so you have a couple days left.

If I was buying pedals, I’d get steel ones. They’re stiffer, stronger, and most importantly can be designed to work below the endurance limit of the material.

Having said that, the magnesium CRG/Aluminos pedals are nice too.

IPK also fabricate an excellent fully adjustable pedal…as well as a beautiful Riser setup if you’re interested in that. I just installed a complete kit onto my sons’ Italkart Tag Jr kart.


I would go for the Freeline Hi-tech pedals, have a ton on adjustments and are of a really good Quality