BIt of a weird one... logo placement on Shirts

Putting togther some swag to wear at the rock and other places. I’d like to include both the logo for kartpulse and the ice track, but I have no idea how to do that without making it look naff…

Any ideas? Not necessarily asking for a design, just rough guidelines on what won’t look like :poop:

Either small and both the same width on the left breast or full size across the chest.

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can you give us logos to play with?

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You’re in no man’s land right now with sizing. Matt is right, either make both small and even sized on the breast or both big and centered, maybe even a dividing line between if you’re feeling like Sagmeister (designer humor).

Assume trying to keep the cost down but could you go logo front and back? Keep both large and centered?

Takes away from tying them together though.

Yeah front and back for sure

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I hate it, talk me off a ledge to I can get it done :smiley:

Oh I just threw them on there so people could see the logos…

Ice kart logo small size on the chest, KP across the back large size

Or KP on the chest, ice kart on each sleeve.

I’m gonna say they don’t work together, but work front back or arms or similar.

Maybe try having the kartpulse under the snowplow and no wider.

Kartpulse left on the heart .

And the ice kart logo both sleeves to keep the arms cooled as the heat goes up!

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Thanks everyone.

I couldn’t find a sleeve printable option on printify. Both logos on front seems dumb, since Karting on Ice is paying most of the bills I put just that on the front, then both logos on the rear. Not thrilled, but I think It’ll do?

Also here are my shirt color options:

I’d save the message to be primarily about your snow biz. Logo big front and back.

Small kp logo horizontal on right sleeve. I know, I know.

I’d go with an icy light blue or something

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Well it’s stock and homebrew as hell, but it’s done and ordered. Anything other than a print on front only meant express delivery was not available. So it’s front only for now…


So I googled ice karting kinnesota and was pleased to see that your biz is front and center:

The first couple pages are all the appropriate hits: direct, FB, YouTube etc.


You can always look at f1s team shirts or merch for sizing and placement ideas

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I love Kinnesota!!! It’s da best

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