Bleed screw

Newbie question…

Is it possible to screw out the bleed screew, without the brake fluid runs out ? If inm not touching the brake pedal. And back again, after i have checked it ? Thanks

Chances are you’ll introduce air into the system. Anytime you open the brake system you should bleed them when you’re done.

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Hi Brian. I don’t fully understand the question. If you remove the bleeder screw on the caliper with the master cylinder sealed you will get a very small drip if that’s what you mean?

If you’re working on bleeding the brakes let us know what kart and/or brake system you have.

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It’s because I have a broken bleed screew. So my plan was to take the healthy out, so I could measure length / thicknes etc. And find new ones, to replace with. Problem is, that its an old skm/Intrepid, so I can’t find any info. My best shot is to find a bleed screew from other models right ?

Btw. Any tricks from you guys :-/ ?

Ah I think I saw your other topic. I think you’ll be able to get this sorted relatively easily. For intrepid representation you could try champion racing on Oklahoma (Assuming you’re in the US).

Otherwise, I think penetrating oil an easy out will remove that screw if the allen key head is too far gone. Just make sure you protect the pads/rotor from the oil and oil remove the oil from the surface with brake cleaner before trying to turn it. A lot of people forget this last step :smiley:

Chances are bleed screw is M4 thread.

I’m from EU…

I dont clearly understand. The top of the bleed screew has broken. How do you say, I could take it out ? Do you have a link for at bleed screew you think would fit ? Btw its leaking a little bit from the screw. Does a bleed screew have some sort of gasket ?

This is the other side… With the “healthy” bleed screw

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You have bleed nipples on your caliper as distinct from the simple screws which are often fitted.
The bleed nipples have a conical end which seats against a machined taper in the caliper body, no gasket.
If you go to you will find an illustration of the nipple under SKM brakes.They say it has a 6mm. thread.
If you raise the back of the kart so that the bleed nipple is at the highest point you can take it out and replace on your system without losing fluid.
Since one nipple has already sheared off you need to be careful to avoid shearing the good one.
Getting the broken one out is likely to be difficult. Heat should help but will really involve splitting the caliper and removing the rubber seals.
If you have a good firm pedal you may choose to ‘live with it’

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Wow thanks man… They have the parts I have bin looking for everywhere… A google search didnt bring that site up. Just hope they will fit… things like return springs etc. Again thanks…