Blue mirrored Visor for Bell RS7 (SE07)

I am looking for a Bell SE07 shield for RS7 Carbon LTWT that is a rich dark mirrored blue. I see the blue mirrored and the blue ML (multilayer) offered by Bell, but they are shown as a sort of an illustration on websites, and not an actual photograph, and even looks different on different websites. However, looking at actual photographs on eBay of these shields in the packaging, they look extremely underwhelming in both mirror and color richness. The illustrations make the ML Blue visor look much better than the regular blue mirror but looking at an actual photo of the ML, it looks maybe less rich and mirrored than the regular blue mirror. I read somewhere the ML is blue chrome and smoke, not two layers of blue.
Anyway, a few questions: Does anyone know from experience; Is the ML Blue (2010051) richer and more mirrored than the regular blue mirror (2010047)? Does the richer/darker of the two blue Bell SE07 visors actually look rich blue mirrored when installed? That is an odd question, but I think you all know what I mean. If you have been on grid at a big national race, you have seen the level of richness / mirror I am referring. Lastly, is there an aftermarket alternative that sells these rich colored mirrored visors for Bell SE07?

Thanks everyone!

In case someone has this similar question in the future, Austin Polen, one of the best helmet painters in the world, sent me pictures of the ML blue, and other colors and the ML really is nice and rich and the better of the two if you are looking for dark rich mirror.