Blue Printed Engines

Since I recently aquired a “blue printed” X30, coupled with my overall lack of knowledge on the subject, is it safe to say that most if not all blue printed engines has already been broken in? Or is it a better practice to go through the break in process anyways?

Reason I ask is because my engine was blue printed by OGP that closed their doors eariler this year, so I can’t exactly pick up the phone and ask. So I have to tap ya’ll for answers like this.

Is it new? If you don’t know if it is new, or when it was last rebuilt I would heir on the side of caution and do a quick break in. Generally blueprinted engines are always run in, provided it’s not from some shady dealer. The only question is was it rebuilt/piston freshly changed before you got it or was it just blueprinted and then raced.

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As Sahib said, all “blue-printed” motors are typically broken in to make sure all things are set properly. If there are marks on the carb that could indicate “best” setting for the carb, then it was probably broken in. There are times that rebuilt motors are not broken in, but rarely.

However, if you want to side on the err of caution and do a break in session, it won’t do any harm to the motor.

My bad probably should have lead with this information, but its a blue printed motor with zero hours on it. Not sure if they break it in, then slap the hour meter on it after the fact?

Again, I’m new at this. Sorry if its a stupid question.

Personally, absent positively knowing 1 way or the other, I would assume it was not & proceed accordingly.

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Look at the piston crown to see if it’s still new. If new then I would break in.

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Typically, they’ll dyno the engine and then reset the hour meter. I’m sure you could find someone from OGP to possibly get information on the engine, I’m not sure who it would be though

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It’s no big deal to break in a new motor, if in doubt do a run in.

Carb screw best position varies day to day as atmospheric conditions vary, don’t pay too much attention if they’re marked.

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I would pull the spark plug, shine a light in, and see if the piston is still bright, unused aluminum. If it is then it hasn’t been broken in.

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