Body Style Questions

Hey guys. I picked up this Coyote Kart and converting it from oval to cement track setup. I can’t really find any information on what CIK body to put on this. Hoping anyone might have some knowledge? The plate on the kart says “Rocket FT2” “CIK-100”

The Yellow honda clone engine is my kart, the KT100 is the only one i’ve found online with my frame style setup. Would like to figure out which body is in this image?

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Looks like old KG Unico pods on the Yamaha kart.

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I believe “Rocket” where a UK produced chassis in the 90s, I think Jenson Buttons dad was behind them @Alan_Dove would probably know more.


Rocket was Jenson’s dad’s engine building company. The kart there is a Wright Chassis and owned by his cousin. The Rocket from the original post is unrelated. It’s a chassis built by Coyete if my google searching is correct.


Gotcha. Do you know where i’d be able to get a CIK body kit for this specific kart? I can’t find anything online about it…

Are you looking to add sidepods for cosmetic reasons, or due to track requirements?

It’s going to be difficult because as a US kart it was never really intended to run CIK bodywork (That’s not to say this is true for all US chassis).

The sidepod brackets are the wrong type, so out of the gate you’ll have to do some massaging of the bodywork and\or make custom sidepod brackets…

If you’re looking for a kind of fun fabrication project then that’s fine. But if you’re looking to make the changes to take it to a track, it might not be worth the time and expense.

This is the kind of bodywork it would usually have… flat fiberglass side panels and a big nose…


Gotcha. They are track requirements. I can weld up some new brackets. So i guess in that sense it doesn’t really matter what i end up getting if I just make custom brackets for it right?

@CrocIndy Burpo,

You got any breadbox sidepods laying around?


Where are you located?


I don’t. I do a lot of fab work, and this is going to be my first season racing. I already have the motor completely built to spec, i just need to buy proper wheels and tires and a body kit, then i’m good to race.

I am in Michigan