Body work decal kits

Hey All,

I’m looking to find a source for a basic design decal kit for KG Unico type body work. Here in the states please, I’d be happy to support a local decal cutter.

I believe OMX is the juggernaut

Thanks, but it looks like they have everything but KG Unico sets.

It may be worth asking your fire department where they get their lettering done, specifically the gold leaf. Most places that do that work don’t work off of templated designs, but will mark and measure. You might be able to bring them the panels and they’ll cut to size/shape.

DB Motorsports in Ohio. Excellent quality, fair prices, and Brian there has been doing it for years so has basically every template. He has done my kits for over a decade.

He usually has some pre-designed stuff and also does custom work as well.

Thanks, I’ll check into that. I did find a template in my searching.

Whoever darren harden uses for his stuff does great work.

please excuse my less than stellar application of the stickers lol

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I got mine from The Decal Zone | Go Kart Decals, Go Kart Graphics, Custom Decal Designs. (