Bodywork & Graphics

How much do you guys care about your bodywork and livery? I’m just starting in the sport again after about a 12 year hiatus and picked up a used kart. The PO threw in some extra bodywork which has no livery on it currently. 2 new white KG 506 side pods, 3 rear bumpers, one is a 1-piece and the other two are 3-piece, a FP7 black driver panel and a white FP7 nose cone. The nose cone was run and has an area worn through on the leading edge on one side but is otherwise in good shape. I’d like to order a graphic kit for them in a blue scheme because that’s actually my favorite color. But I’m on the fence if I should spend another $300 or so on a new nose and driver panel in white so everything matches on top of the cost of the custom graphics kit. Is $600 worth it just to cringe when it’s got tire marks on the side pods after a practice session? :rofl:

Little side note…my personal vehicles are kept in pristine condition. I’m a stickler for a good looking car that’s kept clean inside and out.

My friend who’s been in the sport since Lincoln was president said livery doesn’t make you faster. I get it but it’s like a placebo effect to me, if my kart looks fast, maybe it’ll think it’s fast :blush:

Current graphics on it now. And the T K stickers are gone since it’s a Praga :wink:

I say leave the current graphics and when they get scuffed and destroyed, then replace with your own design.

Looks like the current kit is HRT inspired.


Wow…I just google foo’d it and you’re dead on. It’s an HRT theme. :+1:t2:

I agree with TJ, but if you were going to a new sticker kit, I personally wouldn’t bother purchasing new pods as you’ll be covering them in a sticker anyway.

I used to rag on my buddies about spending more on sticker kits than go fast components, but I am getting old and if you like it, why not? Who cares what anyone else things?

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Not sure I would attempt getting the old stickers off the old bodywork as I have no idea how hard that process would be or time consuming. Since I have the spare plain bodywork, I’d more than likely just apply it to those. I’ve done my kids CR125 twice and take the time to use a heat gun and not have any fish mouths or air pockets. Whoever did the current livery looks like they didn’t use soapy water at all and just a squeegee if that because i see some areas with small air bubbles and fish mouths here and there on the edges.

I’m still new to karting, I’ve got four race weekends on my kart. I’m glad I saved my bucks and didn’t buy the decal kit because I’ve already tore up my front bumper. It’s currently patched with electrical and duct tape. I have been thinking it would be worth the effort to dress up the driver panel and the tops of the side pods.

I’m with you and I guess it’s just the excitement coupled with my ocd that has me even thinking about graphics when I should be focusing on my driving and lap times just getting back into karting. I just got this kart and had it out for the first time the previous weekend for a shakedown. I was 5 seconds off Orlando’s average quicker guys at a 64.571 versus what I was told was mid 59’s there for the 206’s but honestly I never pushed the kart just getting a feel for where the set up is currently. It was really loose and had 55mm rear hubs set up for a narrow rear track because it was run primarily at Monticello. I just put new 95mm hubs on and set it to the recommended 1395mm rear and 1220mm front according to the IPK setup guide so I can get a baseline and start making adjustments based on what I feel in the kart this weekend in open practice. I have work to do getting it up to speed first :+1:t2:

PPF (clear bra)

The downsides are that it never wants to truly conform to the curves of the front bumper so you’ll have to cut into sections and you’ll see the seams, but it’ll take the brunt of most tire and bumper impacts and when it’s bad enough you peel it off and start again.