Bog at WOT

My son’s 80cc 2 stroke bogs pretty good at WOT. Fresh 91 octane at 16:1, clean air filter and the exhaust is just the shorty off the back of the motor. Brand new spark plug as well.

I haven’t gone through the carb, but it starts and runs great.

Thanks for any help guys!

I’m stumped, what does WOT mean? I can’t figure it out lol.

It means Wide Open Throttle.

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How experienced is the driver? Often bogging is the result of the engine not being revved high enough to get into its powerband.

Assuming you are starting with a previous baseline but In my experience, a bog at WOT would indicate a lean setting on the high needle. Try opening the H needle 1/4 turn and reevaluate. If it needs more than a 1/2 of a turn I would want to make sure the carb is clean

Starting a running are the low needle so that is likely okay.

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Not very, but he waited till he was at just over 30mph, the motor was singing and when he floors it, it started losing MPH.

Actually, let’s back up a second… What is engine in question?

I had this once. Not saying this is your problem but the clamp on the accel cable where it loops into the pedal had slipped, at full gas the carb air inlet was only maybe 3/4 open.

Took me effin ages to find :joy: