“Bonkers” Types of Karting

What’s the most crazy/bonkers kind of Karting you’ve seen?

Rotax Max on a Dirt sprint track looks damn good to me

CRF450 on grass?

I’ve got more, but I want to see what others have.

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Sprint kart in the dirt = have fun cleaning up.

IoM 250 SK = Bad a$$.

Something about US kart racers not willing g to clean their karts :laughing:
I see the same excuse used for not running in the wet. Very weird.

Power wash it and call it good. Put it away wet if you like :laughing:

Guilty. Who has time for that? Gotta get home after the race.

My karts are clean, just don’t use water (& keep it on the pavement). Oxidation in steel is a thing. Hard to get the water out of the tubing.

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Oh oxidation is a thing for sure. But I’ve never seen it actually be a problem for a kart in regular use, other than a surface rust on the axle.

We’d never get to race in the UK and Ireland if we didn’t race in the rain.

I hear you. You know, it’s funny, but my old steel tube framed dirtbikes (back in the day) lived in the wet at least 50% of the time, & they lived. But then, they’re dirtbikes.

I’ve always been told to never clean with water, & to thoroughly dry any part of the chassis if it does get wet. The thing is, I really think a soap + water wash would probably provide the most thorough cleaning (Plus, my main front spigot has a hot water valve), but it would bug me knowing I couldn’t effectively eliminate all the water from inside the tubing.

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In steel bicycles, you spray some of this inside the frame and then rotate around to coat as much as possible.

Is it temporary or permanent, & have you tried it in a kart chassis?

The verdict is out. Many cyclists will reapply once a year or so - even the stickiest of oils won’t be able to resist gravity’s demands. With that said, bicycles don’t see the vibration or G-loading seen by karts; and in the case of karting, that may help more regularly redistribute the stuff inside. Still probably not a bad idea to reapply in the off-season teardown/inspection.

Note: the stuff is mega sticky after you spray it. I think others use things like boiled linseed oil and the like.