Bose Soundwear question (sim)

Does anyone here have experience with this? The idea is a personal cone of sound around your head without having headphones over your ears. Sounds like this would be ideal for VR.

My concern is that these Bluetooth units don’t have terrific dynamic range and can be laggy.

Anyone have experience with this product? Are Bluetooth headsets a good idea or is wired the way to go? This is a wierd enough product with niche uses so there’s a million of em on CL, ebay etc.

Here’s our pal Lewis looking sharp with one.

The idea of playing sound samples from Formula A races from the nineties while walking around in a bubble appeals to me.

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I think where this might shine is in longer sessions. Headphones coupled with vr goggles are uncomfortable after about an hour. This seems like it would put less strain on ears (while not being audible to someone in the next room).