BOY ! When we were young!

My old sprint D-301 Rupp Kart. Raced it from 1971 to 1977. Picture is when it was retired and couldn’t hardly fit in it anymore… It had 2 different race engines in it over the years… Twin McCullohs and the motor you see in it… Deco Grand 4 cycle 12 h.p. the engine was made by the Continental engine company. That made generator motors for the military. Very torquey… Was 14 in picture… Now 60 years old… My Dad worked for Rupp as a Mechanical Engineer designing Snowmobile Tracks in the 70s. And I raced this Kart at Mansfield Raceway behind the Rupp plant and couple other tracks… Also raced a Rupp Chaparral Laydown Kart at Mid-Ohio Raceway with twin McCullohs. NO pictures of that thou…


Great idea! I massaged the image for you, so that you have a printable file if you ever needed it.

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Is the fuel tank basically beneath you? It kind of looks like it’s not your usual shape/location.

May be a gravity-fed tank on the motor.

From @Ruppdartkart Dave:

The fuel tank on the 4 cycle Deco Grand was attached to motor under carb but carb was not part of the tank like lawnmower one is It was separate… When it had the twin McCulloh’s on it . It had a tank on back of rear of seat. Like lower picture… Kind of little different shape than A- bone one same concept thou… Couldn’t find exact picture of one… Also had a endurance Kart . Rupp chaparral . With twin McCullohs too. OH FORGOT YOU SAW PICTURE god Im getting Old forgetful…

I really like those old karts. They were kind of pretty.

Hot rod period . A fantastic era to be a petrolhead .
Love them all .

This was similar to the first kart I ever had when I was 6-7 years old. Only a frame, seat and a motorcycle engine strapped on it. It was very unsafe but I still loved it, I’m going to try find some pics of it because it was a really cool kart. It also helped me to learn to avoid barriers because my parents had told me it was very expensive and that they wouldn’t buy me a new one if I crashed it :laughing:

@Bimodal_Rocket Here’s my sister sitting in my dad’s brand-new Dart Kart… she’s 60 years old now.


Thats what my D-301 looked like when I got mine… Except I was 7 years old… When it was new Twin engines too…