Brake assembly problem

Setting up a new chassis, I’ve found the brake rod is ~3.5 cm shorter than the 2ndary cable, & so the cable has excess slack when both are attached between pedal-MC actuator.

I don’t recall that much difference between them the last time I did this, & am wondering I’m I doing something wrong, or if there could have been a part mismatch from the factory. I can’t adjust out the difference between the to 2 of them to remove all the slack.

Edit: I cut back the threaded lengths as a workaround to remove slack. Works okay as long as there’s enough excess to remove as needed, but it’s a 1-way, permanent adjustment. This might be a better fix:

A picture of your issue would be helpful. There should be considerable adjustment for each connection although 3.5cm is a considerable amount of difference. The secondary cable is just a safety if the primary connection has a problem. You can accomplish the same thing as the fastech kit with 2 cable clamps (attached file) and a length of cable wire that can be found at home depot (garage door cable) or a bike shop (brake or shifter cable).

Throttle Cable Stop (2-Bolt)

The issue was just the relative length difference between them. 1 cm would have been within adjustable range, but I couldn’t take up that 3.5 cm to bring them to parity. Cutting down the threaded ends of the cable can work, provided I can adjust it to where it fits.

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