Brake Pad change

I need to put in new pads on this Freeline brake. Can I just slot them in or do I need to bleed the fluid as well?

You can just install the new ones, but its always a good idea to bleed the system periodically. Depending on pad life, you may bleed them one or more times between pad changes. Most, if not all brake fluids are Hydroscopic (absorb moisture from the air) and moisture can both outgas and corrode. Ideally you want to keep the fluid as fresh as possible.

Bleeding the system while installing the new pads is a good time to do it. Rather than just pushing the pistons back in to make room for the new pads, you can open the bleed screws and expel the old fluid instead of pushing back up to the master cylinder. Then top off your Master Cylinder with the new fluid and bleed the system until fluid is clear/free of bubbles. This will improve the life of the seals in the system and reduce the intervals for rebuild.

This is just a quick fix, I don’t have the means to bleed it right now.

How would I push back the cylinders? Would I have to open the bleed screws and let fluid out?

You push back the pistons. If the pads are done, you can usually wedge a pair of flat blade screw drivers between the brake pad surface and the rotor (assuming its a fixed rotor and not a floating rotor). Insert a the tips of the screw drivers symmetrically from the center line of the piston. If possible insert them from opposite sides. As you work them in, you can rotate the flat blade to evenly apply pressure to the brake pad and piston pushing it back into the caliper. By using them like levers you can move the pistons far enough back to insert the new ones. Do not push on the pistons directly with the screw drivers. Depending on the material they are made of or if they contain magnets in their face, you could damage them. If you feel any sudden increase in resistance, check to make sure the piston is not crooked inside the caliper bore. Forcing it could damage the caliper and/or the piston. Just apply a little pressure to the opposite side to center it. Some resistance should be expected as you are forcing a fluid through a small opening, but it should move steadily. Repeat for the other side. When you are done, check the fluid level in the master cylinder and top off as needed.

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ok will try it thank you

On Ven05 I’ve never had to use any tools to push back the pistons, mk1 nosepickers should work fine. Just push em in. Different caliper i know but same same.

does anyone know if these would fit my brakes

If you haven’t completed the change, I am assuming the master cylinder has a reservoir on it. If so, the fluid will just fill that back up and there shouldn’t be a need to bleed off any fluid.