Brake pads Birel RY30-S5

Hi guys, I need to get rear brake pads for my birel S5 chassis and wanted some advice. Anyone had experience with these aftermarket ones vs the oem birel for the S4/S5/S6 chassis?

Those look like the ones I bought after going through my first set. However, can’t confirm. From an average karter like me, they got the job done. No particular falloff noticed.

Thanks for the response

@chris1388 How did the brake pads work out for you?
I’ll be ordering some for my S6 also.

Last year I had a S5. I tried the Sintered brand and they seemed to work as well as the stock Freeline but they seemed to wear quicker.

I also have 2 caliper rebuild kits for the 4 piston caliper if you are interested. $40 each shipped.