Brake question - Floating disc

Picked up an italcorse kart, and when putting it back together, noticed the brake rotor has a slight warp. 50mm axel.

While I am sure you can find replacements you may not need to. It looks like a floating design. I would suggest trying it out before replacing it. As long as it isn’t cracked or chipped you will likely never notice any vibration.

“Floating rotor” refers to the rotor being able to wobble on the hub so it has some give when the kart flexes.

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So I’ll take the 0.05 washers/shim off and put back on the 0.01 washer/shim that were on the hub/rotor originally. I thought that having slop in the rotor was not good. But that’s why I’m here.
Now my next question is… how much slop is good/bad?
Thankyou for the replies

they are all built differently, some have a huge amount some less, my advice is to stick with the original shimming and check that you don’t have any damaged or loose circlip that may fall off. Other than that you are golden.

Even with floating discs, it’s always a good idea to center the disc between the pads as much as you can so if you want to be meticulous, once you swapped all the shims, loosen the hub so it can move left and right along the axle, then push the brake pedal and keep it there with a zip tie, then move back and tighten the hub in a position that is perfectly centered in the middle with relation to the pads. This will ensure minimal drag and equal play left to right


I would agree with Andy. Go back to the original. There is likely a coned or wavy washer that should be in there to add springiness to the float. You may want to find a diagram to show the correct order of assembly. These do wear and will get looser with time but as long it is staying in place its fine. Make sure the clips snap in place, you definitely don’t want those flying off. As the wear becomes excessive side to side or rotational then consider replacement.

That’s a great question that I’ve never seen an answer for. The amount of float varies a lot from vendor to vendor too.

One thing I learned last weekend is that the self adjustment capability of the systems is very reliant on the original components with their original specs being used.

Good to know im not the only one with this question Lol.

My birel has quite a bit of slop, as well as plenty of space between the pads. At first when i got the kart i was skeptical, and then a buddy got the same kart with the same condition so i was like “oh well, i’ll roll with it i guess!”