Brake Setup righetti ridolfi

I have the righetti ridolfi Master cylinder model#K225/N, I am trying to adapt it to a old Gold Kart. I have the brake rod and clevis for the footpedal I am not sure what I need for the connection for the Master Cylinder, the spring and adjuster knob? I contacted Italkarts USA where I bought it and they told me they don’t really sell smalls or have them in stock and sent me a link that was not helpful.


I added the pics to the topic inline for you. You can always just copy and paste them into a topic and they will appear in the post.

It seems like you have everything you need? A knurled adjustment knob would be nice to have but maybe not 100% necessary. A washer between the nut that you have and the pivot point would be good though.

Try to find the parts on RR’s site, then do a web search the part numbers or put them in a search on some online vendors.

Is this what you are looking for?

This is the search term I used: righetti ridolphi brake adjuster at DuckDuckGo

I looked all over ITALkarts and RR catalog and there latest catalogs changed the style. I am wondering for the brake adjuster you posted if it needs the spring. The closest I could find for a picture is from birel, which they use a return spring. Other thought is to change out the brake lever. Or just add nuts.I am going to call comet see what they suggest.