Brakes dragging, how to fix?

When rolling the rear axle backwards it is relatively free, but drags to a stop when rolling forward. How do I fix this?


First thing I would do is get all that surface rust off and make sure the rotor is centered and straight. Make sure all the surface area on the caliper around the pads are clean. Make sure the pins that the pads ride on are clean.

If that doesn’t work or show and issue, you’re driving deeper into the caliper.

Are you 100% certain it’s in the brake and not the chain or bearings?

So I pushed the brake pads in as much as I could with my hands, and it seemed to get it unstuck. Ran the brakes a few more times to burn off the rust and it seems better. So maybe it’s fine? I had run in the rain and so maybe the rust was sticking. Thanks for your help as it did prompt me to investigate further.

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It’s no problem to drench your disc and caliper with WD after running before you park it. It stops any rust issues.

Just remember to drench it in brake cleaner as part of your track prep next time.

I was going to suggest just that. The way a brake piston typically works there is a square-sided o-ring. The idea is the o-ring deflects when you push the pedal and wants to return when pressure is released. If the piston is too far out that doesn’t happen. So you can reset this by pushing in the pistons and applying pressure. Are these new pads or is there a spacer that can be removed?

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