Brakes move

Hi guys I was cleaning my kart on the stand when I realized that when I push down the brake the axle still spins and then locks up it sounds worse than it is it just has a little bit of travel before it fully stops Is this normal Thanks!

Video of it

Check to make sure the keyway is there and the brake rotor carrier isn’t just free spinning on the axle.

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Here is a video of it Thanks

It’s just the floating brake disc. Nothing to be worried about.

I’m not exactly sure what your concern is, but If you are concerned about the “play” between the rotor and the hub, the 6 fasteners are replaceable. They are a bit pricy but they are a wear item and are replaced as a set. You will need snap ring pliers to complete this job too.

Uh oh. So after reading this I have questions. I found my rear rotor to be what I thought was loose. Now I am second guessing this after tightening it up. I have a italkart shifter, maybe it was supposed to be that way?

How can I tell, and how loose should it actually be?

Many modern karts use floating rotors now to allow chassis and axle flex while braking, so lateral play is okay in that case.

I assume the Italkart fired but if you’re worried post a pic and someone can confirm.

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Now that I look closer, it does appear to be floating? How loose should it be? It was causing a clunking sound on the stand while running at times.

This is a floating system, sometimes the hub wears out. But nothing to worry about, quite noisy when used alot :grin:

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Thank you all for your input and educating me on this.

I have looked and looked at this brake setup ( Italkart) and I can’t see anything to suggest that it is or is meant to be a ’ floating’ setup. The caliper appears to be dropping apart but that may be an illusion?

It is a floating system, the disc floats inside the hub.

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Floats in which direction . Direction of rotation or sideways. Where are the ’ bobbins’ circlips etc as shown on the SKM brake earlier in the thread. Just how does it float?

It floats sideways. There are different ways to make the disc float. It floats inside the disc carrier since it doesn’t clamp the disc. It has some amount of play like this in the pic.

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So basically the disc tongues are just a ‘slop’ side fit in the groove in the centre and the 6 retaining bolts are shouldered?. Makes you wonder why everybody else bothers with all their bits? Cheers!

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Yeah, the look something like this but with a threaded end instead :ok_hand:t2:

And the disc slide on them, great design. Doesn’t wear much

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This is confusing to me. You are suggesting that the pictured Italkart has a floating disk but I am seeing a bolt with a nut. Your pictured fasteners look more like the Freeline design and there is no nuts just a spring washer and a circlip. It would seem to me a nut would allow tightening to the point there is no float and I think was the issue slowandsteady was trying to solve.


Usually the kind that are a bolt use a shouldered bolt so the nut will be tight and everything but the shoulder keeps the disc from being squeezed. However, the aluminum the shoulder tightens against can sometimes wear down which can allow the bolt to tighten up the disc too much.


+1 on that. The setup with nut and bolt will leave some clearance for the disc to float between the two shoulders of the carrier. Bolts should be just snug (that’s why there’s a safety pin).

Sure if you tighten it to hell then you will end up bending the ears and pinching the disc in between, removing the slack…which is not what you want


Well explained and totally correct :ok_hand:t2:

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