Brand New! In Canada (West Coast) and Have no clue where to start!


I am brand new and want to start karting!! :smiley::slightly_smiling_face::smiley: Anyone local? In BC, Canada? Where do I go? Chilliwack? Mission? Then what?

Keep me posted, for I am new to Karting as well. I am in the Seattle area and our North Wedt Teams compete in Canada also. We just may run into each other. :yin_yang: My birth name is Charles, AKA: Scout, The Silver Fox :wolf: :peace_symbol:

Probably your first step is to ask yourself how thick is my stack of 100’s and how much effort am I willing to put forth. Definitely find a local track and visit it for practice and races first. Drive the arrive & drive rentals and if they have a race series do that. Everyone I know that is good locally did some rental league first. There is almost no down side to it in the long run. If you can’t afford to do the rental thing, you probably can’t afford to do the ownership thing. And I was anti-rental league to begin with. In the short run I have my issues with rentals but I temper it against the similar issues with owning you own stuff.

Hey Bella, welcome!

Have you checked out it might have a little info for you.

To double up on what @mike said…

  • Take one step at a time and don’t worry too much about what’s next.
  • Have you been karting already (rentals)? If you haven’t, start there.
    if rental leagues are on offer, definitely sign up for one.
  • If you have done some rentals and are looking to do owner driver\club type racing… Offer to volunteer at them you will learn a ton my volunteering.
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Hi Bella,

I am on the west coast of Canada (Maple Ridge, Vancouver).

Greg Moore Raceway, Chilliwack
SIMA, Sumas, Washington

The RaceLab, Burnaby
Italian Motors, SIMA, Sumas,
There are a number of teams but I think these are the only ones with shops.

Both tracks have ways to dip your toe in without committing. GMR has RaceNow packages (LO206 rentals, all the gear), SIMA has some options too.

Bit of bad timing because most tracks in the North West will be wrapping up for winter in the next month. GMR’s last race is typically in October, not sure about SIMA. SIMA has a trackside shop and is own and operated by Italian Motors so I suspect it would be an easier place to get out on track quickly (but obviously you have a to cross a border).

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You guys are lucky. WCKC and SIMA seem to have it all from arrive and drive, race series, rental leagues, 4 stroke rentals, 2 stroke rentals…
I would love to have something like those places near me.

SIMA more so as its a track based shop. WCKC, you can buy an annual key or go with a shop or team at any time of year but its not “open” per se.

@Bella_Rosa also forgot to mention the indoor track available to you.

TBCIR , Richmond, Could be wrong but don’t think they have a league.
Speeders, Richmond, Also no league.
Fast Track, Langley, They have an endurance race night for 3 people teams.

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Lots of Canadian regulars at SIMA, including the owners. Go check it out.