Briggs 206: Bodywork, Tires & Chassis Disparity


(john pietenpol) #21

You should come race the double header weekends at Badger next year. It’s exactly what you just described, at a club price point! It’s our two favorite race weekends of the year by far!

(Don Westlie) #22

We’ve made a few in the past. Schedule didn’t work out this year. Really like those weekends.

(Eric Gunderson) #23

Dan, In Colorado, racing series run a Duro tire with the 206 for adults. It’s the same (essentially) tire that rental karts have, which means that a set of tires can last at least half a season.

Yes, I said half a season, and I really mean it. Is it super fast? No…but why does it need to be? As you stated, for local racing, the hard tire keeps cost low, and keeps people at the track, burning up fuel instead of through tires.

Happy to fill in anyone about the Duro tire. I love MGs, Evinco’s, sticky tires as much as the next guy. But, for a ‘low-cost’ series option, a harder tire is something that can work as long as everyone can see the bigger picture.