Briggs 206 Rules for 2018 Announced

Speaking with @BriggsRacing yesterday over email and David was kind enough to take the time to type out a brief summary for us:

The ‘changes’ basically are:

  • Implementing a static timing check to simplify tech (verses a timing light to find running timing).

  • Push rods we created a consistent measuring approach and reduced the diameter by .002". > This was to address the possibility of the tubing to distort during the press fit of the ball ends. Measuring all the way around ensures a proper reading anywhere along the tube.

  • Allowing temperature thermocouple as long as the lock washer and spark plug are not modified.

  • Creating a universal air filter ruling - Sanctioning bodies had different rules concerning whether > an air filter that comes off on the track was a DQ or not. To standardize this for consistency.

  • A reiteration of the use of factory fasteners. We had a few cases where racers went to studs when the rules specifically say you can’t. We just highlighted this in more thank one area.

  • Tech clarification - A tech official can use additional measurement methods when comparing against a known stock part. We wanted to give tech officials more options and flexibility to prove > a racer compliant.

~David Klaus, Briggs Racing

So overall, nothing major that racers should be concerned about from what I interpreted.

@Eric_Gunderson1 wrote a detailed rundown of the changes on The Colorado Karter:

We made a quick shareable video too.

What do you think could add to the Briggs 206 program for 2019?

(Again, personal opinion) From my review of the changes in the 2018 rule set vs. 2017, I got the impression Briggs continues to mean what they say when they are trying really, really hard to keep this engine package spec. All changes, to me, were attempts to further tighten the box already in place, and remove some ambiguity in areas where certain series or tech officials may not have known how to approach inspections. I was impressed by the thought and reason that went into the push rod tolerance alteration.

Overall, if you have a 206, nothing really earth-shattering happened between 2017 and 2018. If you followed the rules already, chances are none of this is impacting.