Briggs LO206 Senior vs. Briggs LO206 CIK Senior

Following up on the USAC Brickyard race, I’m curious as to everyone’s thoughts on the CIK L206 class vs the regular L206 class. It seems to me that the CIK class would help even the playing field.

Did anyone run the Brickyard that converted over to CIK or did anyone take their normal kart and how did you fare compared to the regular L0206 class?

From my limited seat time this year, my CIK setup was competitive in the LO206 Senior class on shorter tracks. But on the longer tracks, forget it.

CIK or Gold Cup the fast drivers will be the fast drivers. The body work isn’t making them fast and will not level the playing field. If you are running mixed body work in your class, run what is faster :wink:

We’ve ran nothing but Gold Cup body until this year. There are differences in lap times between the two. From the tracks we’ve visited, the body alone was worth roughly .3 and the change in wheel width was another .2. These numbers are track dependent obviously.

One oddity I noticed last Cup race at Road America. CIK could run the same lap time as Gold Cup. RA has long straights and aero plays a big role. As long as the CIK kart stayed tucked in behind the Gold Cup it could stay there. If the draft was lost, game over. Slowed down about .4-.5.

This is in another subject but the newer CIK noses are getting nearly as much frontal area as the Gold Cup and to be honest look horrible…

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