Brittle fuel filter?

Is this normal?

I drained our fuel tanks, disconnected the fuel lines from the engine, and let the line hang down to drip empty. The kart sat like that for a few days. Today, I pulled the fuel line back up with barely a bend in it. Both of the male outlets on the fuel pump snapped off really easily. The lines also feel really stiff.

Do fuel lines and fuel filters need to be replaced every season? Are there more durable options? Our karts were new in July.

All items that touch fuel are ultimately a wear item, fuel is just hard on things. Even your gas tank will get crusty and brittle after a few years if you leave fuel in it for any time at all outside of actual running time.

You can however improve your luck with the fuel lines a good bit by getting some fuel lines made from tygon. The tygon lines will eventually need to be replaced too, but should last 2-3 times longer than the regular stuff and be much nicer to deal with during their lifespan (e.g., more supple).


I had a filter fail like that in only about 2 months. Not sure there are more durable plastic units but I would keep several on hand at all times.

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We have had problems with ones like that alot. I exclusively use the gold element ones available at Comet and have zero issues.

I replace the fuel filter before any big race. Fuel line can generally last a whole season (using KartTech), but I would replace both each season at the very least.


Agree with others this is pretty common. We eventually changed where we mounted them and had better luck.

A higher quality filter isn’t a bad idea. +1 for the Tygon comment that stuff is amazing. Make sure to get the non lined kind, they have two versions and the lined version will instantly do a implosion internally when it touches gas.

+1 on the filter location, whether a higher quality or regular one. I somehow managed to step on the filter/fuel line when it was located horizontally along one of the frame rails of my Ignite. Got halfway around the track before the engine ran out of gas (happily it was a practice session). I mounted the filter vertically in front of the engine - problem solved and no apparent issues with vertical mounting.

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Is that the consensus on best practice for LO206 fuel filter location? Middle of fuel line more or less vertical in front of engine?

We send engines out the door with 6-8" of fuel line on the pump inlet with the filter on that line.

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Here’s how I placed the filters and ran our fuel lines. On the recommendation of our track owner, I used some orange electrical tape (color doesn’t matter, it’s what I had and it looked good :grin:) to help secure the fuel line in the event the zip ties broke, which can happen if the frame hits the track in the wrong place. I also added another fuel line standoff block (makes for neater fuel line placement). On the Ignites there is another frame member closer to the seat, I eventually tucked the fuel line on that frame rail to make it harder for something to get to it (like my foot). As with anything in karting, YMMV!

Thanks, everyone!

For the fuel line, 1/4" or 3/16" I.D.?

This filter? If that’s the one, isn’t it still plastic and just as fragile?

That filter is fine. 1/4” is the standard fuel line ID. Any plastic filter that touches fuel and experiences sunlight will get more brittle over time, but I think those previous ones are especially notorious.


I’ve never had an issue with the one you linked. It’s what we use exclusively. We replace a few times a year regardless as preventative maintenance.

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When I run a fuel filter, I much prefer a full size automotive steel or glass bodied filter. I put it between the pump and the carb tee in the circuit, typically on one of the Nassau panel supports.