Broadcast Reminder - IAME US Grand National

Reminder to those of us not racing this weekend that Kart Chaser has a live broadcast on their YouTube channel of the IAME Grand National event at GoPro this weekend. Karting in the US rarely gets this level of coverage I’d encourage everyone to tune in to watch / support this effort.


That reminds me to make a sticky post for the event
and stream.

You can catch it live on Facebook via Kart Chaser’s page and KartPulse also.

I’ve been helping Xander out with some of the gear for the show and I’m excited as hell to see where he takes the live format from here.

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Also go back and watch the Thursday broadcast of the “tuner” race in the rental karts.


That X30 Pro shootout was awesome. Some pretty aggressive driving but can’t knock them for going big for the $5k.

That shootout was nuts. I was standing a foot in front of my TV the whole time.

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Couldn’t agree more. Awesome broadcast. Awesome race. Great show!

I REALLY wanted to get down there for this… Maybe 2022 :smiley:

Damn, that was nuts. I have to say that was some of the most entertaining racing I have seen in quite some time. Dare I say, better than the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix. Although that was pretty exciting too.

Felt bad that Shawn Owens interview was glitchy and that Jake French got spun in the closing laps (two Dallas locals). I was routing for the local boys!!

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Yeah, we had some issues with camera connections that lingered for a couple days until Saturday morning we figured out what the problem was. Xander did a really good job with such short notice to get everything set up and running smoothly so that I could pretty much just show up and turn a camera for the weekend.

Highlights of the weekend were definitely the Tuners Challenge and both Shootouts on Friday and Saturday, seeing Nitro Kart thrash on Hayden Jones’ kart after tagging a barrier in practice during the KA shootout was intense, and the X30 races were just action packed all the way through. Things get crazy when you have 15 laps to win $5,000.

Which camera were you behind Aaron?

I’m going to gloat a little when I said to @XanderClements a couple of weeks ago “What if it rains” bahaha…

Anyway, show was badass. Considering the time allowed to make it happen (Seemed like two weeks?) to pull it off like that was impressive. Professionally done with a relatable/enthusiast angle. Having different voices on there mixes it up nicely too, having some NASCAR and Indycar starpower didn’t hurt either.

This tweet caught some attention. 48K views as I type

I had some fun with polls on the rebroadcast on the KP page…

Since the sponsor was pizza…

People are hungry for more. (OK I skewed the result a bit)

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I was on the flagstand, which also meant I was covering the grid and doing the interviews. Got a nice front row seat for the team Nitro showcase of how to straighten a kart frame in 10 minutes on the grid.

The rain was super unexpected, although I wish the track would’ve stayed wet for longer than two races for the final.

I told Xander it would be huge to follow up this weekend’s coverage with a SummerNats broadcast, but with only a week and a half at most to get everything together I can’t imagine he can get it all together that quickly.

I did see the polls on your rebroadcast for the stream, I thought they were hilarious.

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I would agree that Xander and pals knocked it out of the park here.

I’m supposed to race this weekend (weather permitting) will it be recorded too?

Tuner/rental kart race should be a part of EVERY major event IMO.

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Yeah it’s a lot to pull off esp at Newcastle. I don’t think the gear would even arrive in time :joy:

Also, I’d like people’s thoughts on Carson Morgan’s celebration after X30 junior. Unsafe and deserves a penalty in the future? Allowable but do at your own risk?

Obviously it was a big event to win and you want to celebrate doubling up on a weekend, and it looked cool as hell as well. Personally, I thought it was fine but obviously if he wiped out that could be a problem. I remember Ollin Galli doing that after a race, and I don’t think there were any issues then but I could be wrong.

Like many things in life, I find myself conflicted :joy:

As an organizer, official or insurance underwriter I’m opposed to it.

As a viewer, in thought it was pretty cool.

Spoken like a true old man (just like me).

As a viewer/fan, I LOVED IT. The emotion, passion, “ccol factor”, everything about it.

As a dad, I would drag my kid by the ear to the trailer (where his mother couldn’t hear) and tell him how awesome it was and to never ever do it again.

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It looked sick, but it would probably be the kind of thing where I would say “hey that was cool, but don’t do that again”.

Kind of dangerous in my opinion, but hey, he was excited. No harm no foul.