Broken beadlock what to do?

Hello! I was driving aggressive in my final and a bumper came into my wheel and destroyed tge bolts… how do i get this out without destroying the tyre??

If the screw is broke off clean I would use a small cut of wheel in a Dremel tool and cut a small slot in the screw so you can use a flat screwdriver to remove it. You may have to adjust the size of the disk so it only cuts the screw (grind away on something to its the right size). Try to not cut the rim as much as possible.

Well that’s a first for me. I’d try getting some long handled pliers and screw them into the tire further instead of trying to back them out.

I’m pretty confident that some Knipex Pliers could get those out no problem.

They have saved my arse many times.

I Would get the small and big size, one of my favourite tools.

KNIPEX Tools - Cobra Water Pump Pliers (8701250), Red,10-Inch

I got the tire off, but its a clean cut on the inside to, idk how that happend…


I was saying that you can take the pliers and clamp them on the broken beadlock and then twist it out.

Keep us updated. We all know how frustrating this things can be.

Ok so somehow the screw was off on both ends… like it was just in the threads… so i drilled a small hole pressed my little sharpend screwdriber in and screwed it out… but 1 of the holes is bigger so the new screw doesnt fit it just goes thrugh… other 2 are fine… maby on impact it took some magnesium with it?

Is there a way to make a new thread like you do on steel? Insert some metal and just make new?
Or do i need to have a bigger beadlock screw?

At this point I would check if the rim is 100% straight.

And if not just buy a new one and save you some headache. I’m not sure if a helicoil would be 100% air tight? But maybe that doesn’t matter since you are sealing the outside with a o-ring

In the states you can buy oversize 6mm beadlocks so you just drill and tap it larger.


I had a very similar situation to yours. I tried the following:

1-Retapped the hole and it kind of worked but ultimately it kept loosening.

2-Filled the hole with JB weld epoxy and just use 2 bead locks (KA with MG reds)

If needed you can drill and tap another hole too but this could be tricky with not a lot of metal to tap into.

Im going to put a normal m6 in the bigger hole and tap it for now… i need rims for todays tetong its my fav ones to…
I will order 6mm beadlocks

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