Broken sniper

Anyone ever have snipers fixed? I have one that the laser is really weak. Yes, I have tried new batteries and cleaning them.

Same problem. I would be interested to hear if there is a good fix.

I have the same issue. A few years ago I contacted Margay and they were willing to sell me a replacement set for a reasonable price but I never acted ( I think they wanted the old pair back). However, I have discovered that whatever the issue, it’s related to heat. If you are able to heat the weak sniper (heat gun, direct sun, even a lighter) on the back side, near the battery, where it is black this will make my weak laser work.

Had to buy a new set a few years back (without manufacture’s help) as they had gotten some bad electronics from a supplier. Hope for all our sakes that this is not repeating.

No kidding, I’ll give that a shot…. Interesting

Don’t overheat it…I turn mine on and apply heat till its bright.

Hope it works for ya.

I have a set of 4 wheel laser and one of the rear pointing lasers went out. I was ready to send it back to Austria (??). Since I was sending back it to the factory I had nothing to lose, so I tapped it lightly on a my tool box and the laser came on. It has been working for over a year.

Not sure if anybody needs just one Sniper, but I have an old set where one of the two was damaged. If anybody needs just one replacement to complete a set, let me know and I’ll take any reasonable offer. And I’ll send it with the bad one in its case.