Brushless iame x30 starter?

Hi! Me and my engine builder had a chat about iame x30 starting problems. And that the brushed motor is unreliable. The times a outboard starter has saved me for a dnf is hudge. So ia there a thing such as upgraded brushless motor for iame x30 or that fit?

Iirc that was a frequent issue. Jerry kept a manual start unit handy just in case for the pits. I don’t recall him suggesting replacing it with a different starter.

I went to start my X-30 yesterday, its only got 1.1 hours on it. It turned (weakly) but didn’t have enough power to turn the motor over. So I just ordered a new battery, cause that X-30 (and the original battery) sat in the box for over a year before I installed it recently. :crossed_fingers:

But I’d be curious if IAME has a brushless starter too.

It would solve sooo many problems. Idc if its expensive. Getting nev battery and brushes every race is more expensive

There’s something wrong if you’re having to do this.


What can it be tho? I have a new battery ( 2 races old) and all of a sudden i it doesnt have power to turn engine… myhron says 13.2 v on the battery

I’ve never replaced my battery or starter. Brushes last at least two seasons plus practicing.

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They upgraded the brushes a few years ago and it significantly reduced failures. We used to have to do brushes a few times a year and I haven’t fixed one in a long time now.

Do this:

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Ohh mine doest have that… what is it?

It’s just a starter with the outer housing removed, it’s the same starter as yours and on every X30.

Yeah i know that… its a starter on the inside… i have rebuilt many… but that red goo what is is?

If your battery is only lasting a race or two, you need an absorbent-glass-mat battery. A flooded-plate battery will be destroyed by vibration. If you need ballast to make weight, you can use an OEM Mazda MX-5 battery, which is AGM and inexpensive.

If you really want rapid starting you need a powerful LiFePO4 pack. A Zippy 8400 mAh pack can discharge at 30C, which gives 255A, which was enough to start the 5.7 liter V8 in my Corvette. Not bad for a 1.1kg battery.

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