Budget karting and how to start in UAE

im trying to find ways to build my own kart or start karting but on a budget, because Im a broke teen so its not gonna be easy to buy a brand new kart any tips?

I can relate as this is how I started out. Where are you located and what is the budget you have for purchase and ongoing?

im located in UAE i dont have an exact budget but im looking for something my parents would approve

Maybe you can start off by competing in rental kart first and show your parents how good you are and hopefully they will buy you a used kart to compete in pro level karting.


they already approve its just the money is the issue like i need a budget they would agree upon i want to start with something thats enough and ill do the maintenance on my own

4 stroke karting looks to be the go, they’re fairly cheap to get into, maintain, and they put an enthesis on what karting should be, smooth inputs, carrying momentum and smart race craft.

It might not be as thrilling as a two stroke, but you will save tens of thousands over a hand-full of years racing a 4 - stroke kart when compared to a 2-stroke.

should i build it or try to find one to buy

most governing bodies that run competitions require that you use a homologated chassis, I’m assuming when you say build you’re talking about the frame itself? If that’s the case you’re better off buying a proper purpose built chassis. If you’re talking about buying a frame separate from an engine, either or, its just about what deals you can find available in your area.

what is the best engine for a low budget like something mid ranged

May I ask where in UAE?

Unfortunately pretty much non existent in UAE, aside from the rentals which to be honest are expensive - typically around the $40 mark for a 12 or 15 minute session. There are deals to be had, I’ll help as much as I can once I know where he is in uae.

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dubai near kartdrome

Okay so we have a different case here. Parents is approve with financial matter.

Making a new chasis is a big no no. Bcs pro level karting have FIA CIK standart.

Next step is buy a used gokart, you gotta ask the ppl around in your local track if they have a used gokart complete with an engine.

I cant tell you which is the cheapest one but you have 2 engines option for 2 strokes.

Rotax max

But for 4 stroke im not to sure bout it.

And another thing is you can also maybe ask around whether someone selling used equiptments such as :

Racing suit
Rib protector

Or you can search thru your local eCommerce.

Here you go. You can find a lot of choices of pro level gokart that suits your parents budget.


Hope this helps you and your parents for finding the best equipment for you that suits their budget.

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i already have ordered a helmet some gloves and a suit on the way because im looking into sodi sws but i feel like its better to go with an owned kart as id be able to have more track time etc.

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May I ask your age please? Only because I’d like to know into which category you’ll fall. Micro/Mini/Junior/Senior or SWS Junior/Senior.

You will often find karts for sale on Dubizzle, there are currently 10 on there. Under motors - motorcycles - karting. Press the filter button and set it to all cities as it defaults to only the one you are in.

Rotax is a great crowd - downside is engines are sealed. You can’t do a thing to them yourself only the dealer can at Al Ain Raceway.

IAME - also a good crowd and engines aren’t sealed. Upside: you can do basics yourself like piston changes. Full rebuild should go to RAK track unless you have a particularly savvy engine builder who has or can get/make the special tools needed. Downside: a lot more maintenance intensive though not prohibitively so. And you have to content with the tuning brigade :roll_eyes:

Helmet and suit have to be rated if you will do Rotax or IAME. The guys at gulf sports know what you need.

Dubai is probably the most expensive place to practice. Even as an owner - if I remember it’s around 350 for owner sessions though that’s per day not per session. If your parents have a Fazaa card Yas is 100 / session rentals. Karting town have Groupons on offer just now I’m taking my daughter tomorrow - 3 sessions each for a total of 420.

Have a flick through dubizzle and see if any of those wet your whistle.

Give me a clue as to your age, I’ll advise as much as I can. I’m also in UAE since 11 years ago - I’m in AD though.

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im turning 16 in 2 months or so i already setup a sodi account

thing is some of the karts are almost out of my range i found a kart at perfect price and what i needed but thats at the time when my parents didnt fully approve unlucky