Bumper Setup

First time kart guy setting up my used Swiss Hutless for Lo206.

Would like to know how best to setup F/R Bumper height and Side pod alignment.

The front bumper might have some adjustability depending on the bracket you have, but the rear isn’t really adjustable. Side pods can be moved in or out with different holes on the bars, though you may have to drill those.

Shouldn’t need to adjust bumper heights or placements though unless something is bent or incorrectly assembled. Did you have a specific reason for wanting to move them?

My rear bumper seems to be adjustable up and down, so trying to find out if there is a specific height to set it at. Also for the side pods, not sure if there is a particular placement, for instance should they extend past or be tucked into behind the tires.

The rear bumper isn’t meant to be height adjustable. Handling is affected by how much play is in the bumpers, stiff vs loose.

Typically, I leave the bumper loose and allow it to move up and down freely. If you tighten it, it will act like a sway bar and affect handling of the kart. The only reason to adjust the front bumper, if it has the brackets, is to keep it from dragging on the ground if it does.

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Do you keep the rear loose as well?

Front bumper gets tightened. Adjust the height with the plastic mounting blocks bolted to the bumper itself so that it’s low but not dragging the ground.

Side pods are bolted tight to the side nerf bars. They should be adjustable forward/backward. I normally run them all the way back to keep them away from the front tires.

Side nerf bars are kept loose to the chassis. Make sure you use a brand new nylock nut on the bolts that attach it to the chassis, just snug them so that the nerf bar still has movement but the bolt wont fall out.

Rear bumper bracket that bolts to the bumper itself gets centered left/right relative to the chassis and then tightened. The bumper bracket that gets bolted to the chassis also gets tightened. But the bolt that holds the two brackets together stays loosened. I normally get it to snug, then back it off 1/4-1/2 turn. You might have to play around with the adjustment of all of the brackets to get the bumper to move up/down freely once it’s all in place. It can be kind of a pain to get just right.


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.

So the bolts on the left side are kept loose?

Yes, allows it to slide up and down in the “guides” so that the rear of the chassis can flex.

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