Bumper Tape

Lately, I’ve started seeing several racers in my area start running fluorescent colored tape at the ends of their rear bumpers. This is not something I’m used to seeing, and trying to understand why someone would do it, unless they were copycatting or just trying something different. Does anyone have any insight as to why some racers are putting tape on their rear bumpers? I can’t see it as a training tool, so just wondering.

Maybe it’s something track specific: warning, new guy? Kinda like X on helmet maybe.

No, it’s on guys that we’ve raced against several times. Definitely not new racers.

This is an example of what I am referring to.

Looks cool at least.

Not going to say this is the reason, but at least the corners of the bar are highly visible. Might stop a few unintentional punts.

or provide a nice little target :wink:

I know a few people who have done that at our club. They all are doing it so people can see where the edge of the bumper is and help corner workers call penalties on guys that dive bomb and hit them. Plus it carries the fluorescent theme all over the kart.


Helps see the ends of the bumper easier, easier to pick out on track, looks neat.