Buying a new chassis for shifter and non shifter

Hello. So im tryin to get back to karting after 10 years. Used to run with swiss huttless (is it still around?) And im trying to rebuild that husqvarna engine and buying some rok, rotax and iame engine for renting purposes.

Would it be possible if i buy shifter chassis, and put non shifter chassis on it? I mean like let say i switch between engines depends on situation.

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Short answer, yes.

Long answer: may not work out well due to chassis stiffness. (Also front brakes aren’t allowed in single gear classes, generally).

Others will opine with more experience.

Yes absolutely possible. Then it’s up to you if you want to keep front brakes as is, dial the brake bias all the way to the rear or remove the linkage so you keep rear only

Yeah i tried to ask here n there its best to buy seperate chassis. Leave shifter engine with shifter chassis and jr/sr engine with jr/sr chassis.

Really it is possible? What the engine mounting in long term? Would it be a prob?

No problem at all. Leave engine mount attached to its own engine, and you swap the unit. If you get a single speed that works with the same radiator, even better so you can use the same rad. Or get a rotax that comes as a unit, then you simply plug the radiator on the left.

Of course if you have money and space, having a dedicated complete kart saves you time. My 3rd kart is exactly that, a Praga shifter with a Rotax in it, works like a charm. I also keep it as a spare if I wreck my KZ, so I left everything as is, I only removed the gear lever.

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The chassis frame are essentially the same in certain models. Main difference is tabs for a shifter column. I’ve even seen TaG chassis come with the tabs for a shifter column anyway.

Short answer is yes, you can swap the engines and it’s often done. Is it “optimal”, that really depends. But you won’t have any major mechanical challenges switching between engines.

One thing to look out for is the drive keyways on the axle. Inboard is needed for shifter and four stroke (Briggs 206, Tillotson etc). Outboard is needed for most two stroke single gear (TaG, 100cc etc)


Awesome. Thank you for the reply. Yeah that shifter column will be useless in non shifter chasis. Umm wait what about the axle again? Because i live in southeast asia and engines that is popular in here is rok engine, rotax and iame and for the shifter mostly TM engine.

Just look at where the axle is machined for accepting the keyway for the rear sprocket.
Shifter engines have the sprocket inwards, the 2 stroke single speed have it outwards (between the right axle bearing and the right wheel)

Most axles are machined for dual use, so they have both grooves available. Just check if yours is the same


Understood. Thank you for explaining even further.

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I have run top 3 in a regional on a Shifter Chassis! Ohh in a 206! Or was it 4th? @fatboy1dh do you remember?

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Ha. I am sure you did! However, I have some pals that it did it did not work out for at all, way too stiff. Ended up giving them my compkart chassis out of pity, actually!

So I am guessing it depends on a bunch of things and I generally would advise that they consult with someone knowledgeable about the chassis they are specifically considering.

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It was 3rd. I got 4th… :frowning:

Haha, I just remember you were behind me at the finish by a tiny amount but it was an epic battle. :sunglasses:

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